Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Creative Tallahassee

Projectile Monkey Head, and Monkey, Rabbit, and Bird in Paradise were selected to appear in Creative Tallahassee 2006. The opening is 6-7:30 on April 7th at City Hall. The exhibition runs from April 1st - May 14th.


Anonymous said...

John, WoW!

Kato said...

Who's the hot chick in the photographs?

Insane Robot said...

I like the very top one. That orange monkey looks like he is raising his hand in response to the question "Who wants to go on a covert poop-slinging mission?"

jlw said...

1. In response to anonymous's post-
Thanks Mom.
2. In response to Kato's post-
The hot chick is your former suite-mate from Birmingham-Southern College (fire starter university).
3. Insane robot- it is dung-flinging, not poop slinging.